Paysafecard is a money card which makes you to do all your monetary transactions on internet in an extremely safe and fast way without any risks and using credit cards or bank accounts.

Paysafecard which is sold as €10, €25, €50 and €100 cards works with the same logic used in prepaid credit cards used for mobile phones.  

When you purchase a €100 card and define this card on a site that accepts Paysafecard €100 will be transferred to your account immediately or you will be counted as you have made a €100 payment.  Without being obliged to give your bank information or credit card details to any kind of site you will complete your spending and purchase in a safe manner. Right now you can use Paysafecard in all the casinos we introduced on our website.

Another plus of Paysafecard is that it gives an extra bonus when you deposit money with that method. For example Joyland Casino, which is one of the casinos we introduced on our site, gives an extra 20% bonus to deposits made with Paysafecard..

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