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Casino Movies

1) Casino Royale ( Imdb )

Casino Royale steps out of the line of last twenty parts of the series and makes a changeover. It is possible to see the star of the movie James Bond and female characters defined as �Bond girls' are also having this change too. James Bond, who seems as a nice guy who is easy to kill and normal, comes before the audience with this movie with a portrait of a person whose personality can be questioned and who runs into a contradiction with himself time by time.


2) 21 Blackjack ( Imdb )

While answering a question asked to him when he applies for a scholarship for his medical education Ben Campell understands that he hasn't got a different story to distinguish him from the other people, since he devoted all his life to homework. And with a chance he will have, he will have not only his very own story but also enough money to attend to a school. Now he is counting cards in Blackjack desks of Vegas' large casinos, at which large amounts of money is being played and Ben, who had an aim of only saving an amount of money which is enough for attending a school, is charmed by glittering world of Vegas.

3) Las Vegas (TV Series)

Are you ready to enter Las Vegas' casinos illuminated by neon lights? You may witness not only its attracting saloons but also dirty relations, betrayals, scandals lived behind the curtain and corruption based on technology.

There is a lifestyle in Las Vegas where there is an economy of million dollars is in circulation. Signed by Gary Scott Thompson, the writer of hit movie called �The Fast and the Furious�; �Las Vegas� puts the world shaping between sex, violence and fraud under scope.

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